BRISA ROCHE en lecture musicale

18 janvier 2019 - 19 h 00 min

Brisa Roché lira, scandera, chantera des extraits de son recueil de poésie, vendredi 18 janvier à partir de 19h au Walrus.

the Nut

« These poems outline the fever of a failing pursuit, a love-chase often described in the voice of a heavy, androgynous, shedding monster. The English versions of this rather dense and formal writing reveal an obsession with rhythm, an « accented syllable, unaccented syllable, accented syllable… » and so-forth, that’s impossible to recreate in French. The reply to this rhythm in the French versions is interesting; one does not trade being hypnotized for something weaker. Clearly this project is not conversational, it is confessional but in a hermetic way less easily accessed than the more journalistic approach to poetry seen today. However the repetition, the unexpected searing intimacy and dramatic, violent metaphor create a road to intense emotion, and take us through landscapes we are marked by. » Brisa Roché

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